Patio Cover Options

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Installing a cover over your patio can provide you with plenty of shade, as well as protection from foul weather. This simple addition can make your patio much more usable for daily relaxing as well as for periodic entertaining. There are some options to consider when you are shopping around for a new patio cover.


Patio covers come in a variety of materials. If you want something weather resistant that is also sturdy, fixed, and customizable, wood is the way to go. It will need more maintenance compared to some options, including periodic repainting. Aluminum is another good option for a sturdy and fixed cover, along with steel or any other metal options. Fabric is your best choice if you want a retractable cover that is primarily for shade.


The height matters. Standard height patio covers provide enough head clearance to stand and walk beneath them. If you want a loftier height, perhaps to allow for breezes on hot days or so there is clearance for ceiling-mounted fans and heaters, make sure the cover designs you look at provide for this height. Typically it is best to choose sloped covers, as well, so that water and snowmelt can easily slide off.


Most standard covers come in square or rectangular shapes. If you want something a bit more customized, such as an L shape or a round cover, then you may need to have the cover custom made for your patio. Fabric covers may have a bit more leeway, as solar sail styles typically come in triangular shapes.


How will the cover be supported? For fixed covers, you can go simple with metal poles or wooden posts. There are also decorative options, such as wood or metal trellises or fancy columns. Choose a support that fits your budget as well as your landscaping design. Fabric covers are typically attached to aluminum retractable arms, but there are varieties made to stretch over the top of a pergola support system.


There are accessories to consider for your cover as well. Removable screens and windows, for example, can keep out bugs or turn a fair-weather patio into a four-season sunroom. Overhead fans and heaters are other options to add comfort to a covered patio. For retractable fabric covers, there are automatic and remote-controlled options available to make them much easier to use.

Contact a patio cover dealer to learn more about the available options.