Residential Garage Storage Options

Posted on: 15 January 2021

Heavy-duty tools, pesticides, and lawn maintenance equipment may be taking up most of the space inside of your garage. These items can dissuade you from completing automotive upgrades or household projects that will require the use of this space in your home. Use some garage storage solutions to organize essentials and place potentially dangerous items out of reach.

Mobile Or Permanent Storage For Targeted Items

Garage storage equipment includes cabinetry that is similar to units typically used in a kitchen or a bathroom, stainless steel units that are mold and rust-resistant, and a series of lightweight plastic or laminated models that come pre-assembled or that contain pieces that snap together. If your main objective is to conceal heavy-duty equipment, expensive items, and components that contain toxic ingredients, a mobile or anchored unit can be used to store a group of targeted items.

A mobile or permanent unit that contains side-by-side doors, pull handles, and a series of built-in shelves will make classifying items possible. Place lighter items on top shelves and bulky, heavy items along the bottom of the storage unit. Choose a door lock to keep everything off-limits when not in use or choose a custom locking design that will provide extra security for a specific part of the storage unit.

A Multi-Functional Storage And Work Area

Purchase wire-framed storage racks or wall storage cubes to increase storage space that is supplied along the underside of the rafters or against elevated portions of each wall in the garage. Cabinetry and multi-functional units that contain cabinets and drawers can be used to break up space, define specific portions of the garage, or create a work area where you can sit or stand while completing projects.

Select an area in the garage where items will need to be accessed. Maybe, you would prefer to divide the garage into two distinct areas and use one of them for mechanical repairs and one for woodworking or another hobby. A large storage chest that contains dual entry points that are each located along one side of the unit will provide direct access to specific items that are needed for each application.

Purchase a storage setup that includes countertops, a stool, and an adjustable chair. The countertops can double as a work surface where manual tools are going to be utilized. When projects are not actively being pursued, use the extra space to draw up plans or perform research. Choose storage items that are a similar color and that contain a powder coating that will resist moisture. For more information, contact a garage storage solutions company.