3 Tips for Organizing Your Closet like a Pro

Posted on: 5 October 2020

Closet organization can help you not only find everything you are looking for, but it can also help with making your home look clean and orderly. If your closets appear disheveled, it can make it harder to find anything, and it may make you feel anxious at the thought of ever having to try and clean it out. To help get your closets more organized, there are a few things you can do to help. Read on for organizing tips to help organize your home like a professional.

1. Clean It All Out

Taking everything out of the closet will help you figure out what exactly is inside the closet and help you to see the space more clearly. You can then figure out what you want this space to look like. Clean everything out and start sorting it all. You want piles of things to keep, things to store elsewhere, things to throw out, and things that could be donated. You may be surprised to see what you actually want to keep from the amount of stuff that was in the closet originally.

2. Determine Its Use

You need to determine what exactly you want to go in the closet. If it's a linen closet, for instance, it shouldn't have odds and ends or clothing and other miscellaneous things in it. It should be solely for linens. If it's your bedroom closet, it should hold clothes and shoes, and accessories, but nothing else should be in there. Once you determine the purpose of the closet, it can help you clear out anything that doesn't belong there.

3. Create a System

Creating a system within the closet will help make it a more useful space. If things are easier to find, it will be easier to put things back where they belong. Create a system for this space that works for you and your household. If it's a cleaning closet, for instance, you should organize your cleaning supplies based on what you use most often and keep other things not used as much in the back of the closet. Use storage containers and closet organizers so you can see what's inside or clearly marked so you can tell what is in the bins to help you find things easier.

If you are trying to get organized, your closets are a good place to start, as this is most likely where a lot of your belongings are stored. Hire a professional to help you get better organized.