Update Your Patio For Winter Entertaining

Posted on: 30 November 2016

During the warm months, it may seem like you spend the majority of your time outside enjoying your patio. When the cold weather comes, perhaps you cover up your patio furniture and relegate yourself to indoor entertaining. However, your patio can be a usable space even during the cold months. Update your patio to facilitate entertaining in the winter months.

Install a Fire Pit

Perhaps the most obvious method for winterizing your patio is installing a fire pit. Fire pits range in size from small, table top models to big, built-in bonfires. It's also possible to choose large, portable fire pits that run on propane or even wood. For entertainment purposes, one of the larger fire pits is recommended so it can accommodate more people. Indeed, the Landscaping Network recommends locating the fire pit in social areas such as the outdoor kitchen or spa area. To that end, the site further recommends you leave enough space around the pit for adequate seating.

Decorate with Lanterns and Tea Lights

Whether you add a fire pit or not, light is a way to make your patio feel cozy. Consider decorating with a variety of lanterns and tea lights. Choose several in a similar design for cohesion, and group them for intimate gatherings. For instance, place a cluster of lanterns behind banquet seating, or set up tea light holders in the dining area. Even the small amount of fire from tea lights can add warmth to your space, so consider placing them in chilly areas. You can find unique tea light candle holders online to really spruce up the area, too. 

Add Lighting

Darkness comes more quickly in the winter months. Stave off the night with added lighting. At the very least, wind a festive string of lights around your patio railing. However, now is also the time to add lamps or other ambient lighting to augment your lanterns and tea lights. You could even install a dimmer on your overhead light for snug evening gatherings.

Include Cozy Textiles

Even with a fire pit and tea lights, you may want to snuggle up on your winter patio. Have cozy textiles on hand, such as plush lap blankets, to keep your guests comfortable. Likewise, consider adding outdoor rugs. Not only does this make the patio feel warmer, but it offers traction if there's ice or snow.

Brighten the Furniture

Along those lines, you'll want your patio to provide a bright spot in the gray winterscape. It may not be possible to completely change the furniture, but you can update it with bright textiles. Look for bold-colored outdoor cushions and bright area rugs. Likewise, if wind is an issue, consider hanging bright curtain panels to break it up.

Make over you patio so you can enjoy it all winter long.