The ABC Rules Of Proper Rug Placement In Your House

Posted on: 25 March 2016

Whether you are looking to add some dimension to an otherwise dull space or you like the idea of throw rugs as an element of comfort around the house, adding pretty much any type of rug to the floor in your home brings a lot of benefits. Before you get a little crazy with throw rugs, tucking them in corners, down halls, and even across large sections of flooring, there are a few simple rules that you should keep in mind to achieve the most efficient look. 

Always use rug pads to keep your rugs situated in the right place. 

The number one rule when it comes to placing rugs in your house is, easily, to make sure you use rug pads or nonskid pieces to keep your rugs in place. If you do not, your rugs can be not just a hassle to keep in place, but a trip hazard and a design characteristic that just looks awkwardly placed Rug pads are easy to find, inexpensive, and come in various forms from cut-to-size to strips. Even on carpeted floors, it is best to use some kind of pad to keep the rug you choose from slipping around. Contact a local outlet, such as Teebaud Co LLC, for further assistance.

Buy for quality, not cost when it comes to rugs for the house. 

Rugs can range in price from just a few dollars for a small mat to thousands for a large area rug from a high-end home store. You can cut corners on cost with a lot of home decor items, but rugs, large or small, should never be one of those things. Rugs that are more high-end, durable, and made from quality materials are going to be more expensive. However, in the long run, you will get more bang for your buck because the rug itself will likely stand the test of time, both in construction and color. 

Choose your placement carefully. 

Just adding a rug to any space can completely alter the appearance. Therefore, you have to be careful about how you place area rugs around the house to ensure you get the most effective and desirable appearance. For example, if you have a small room, placing a large area rug can sometimes make the room look even smaller, so in these cases, it is best to stick with a rug that leaves a border or regular floor space still showing. Likewise, rugs with intricate detail and ornate patterns tend to draw the eyes downward, which can make a small room feel bigger than it actually is.