Getting A Better Drink Of Water From Your Kitchen Faucet

Posted on: 21 March 2016

If your municipal water system is heavily chlorinated and the local water has a lot of minerals dissolved in it, you may not like the taste of the water. Instead of relying on bottled water from the store or a delivery service, consider installing a water filtration system in your home. For small amounts of clearer water, units are available that you can install yourself. Whole house systems are available from professional installers. Here are some of your choices to get a better tasting glass of water from your kitchen faucet.

Carbon Filters

This is the most basic water filtration unit. The water flows over carbon granules which remove large particles, chlorine and pesticides. These are available in water pitchers that you store in your refrigerator, connected to the outside of your kitchen faucet or underneath the kitchen sink to the water supply line. Carbon filters are so effective that they are often combined with other types of filtration units. When the carbon granules lose their effectiveness, you just replace the carbon.

Ceramic Filters

This is purely a mechanical filter, removing some small mineral particles and parasites from your water. The water flows through a ceramic sleeve containing tiny pores that trap these contaminants. Since the ceramic removes some minerals, these filters have a slight water softener effect. A carbon filter can be used in line with the ceramic sleeve to remove chlorine and pesticides. The tiny pores become clogged over time, requiring periodic scrubbing and backflushing of the filter to clean them.

Ultraviolet Light Filtration

Ultraviolet light (UV) filters kill some viruses and bacteria in the water. The water flows around UV tubes which must be installed and adjusted by professional installers to get the best results. The UV light in the tubes gradually fades, so the tubes must be replaced periodically to maintain the effectiveness of the filter. Carbon filters are also used with this system to remove more contaminants.

Copper and Zinc Water Filters

These elements work together to create a chemical reaction that removes chlorine, parasites, bacteria and heavy metals from your water. This filter softens the water more than the other types of filters. Again, carbon can be used with this filter to maximize the amount of contaminants from the water. As the copper and zinc granules lose their effectiveness, they must be replenished. These tend to be whole house filtration systems and must be installed by a service which will adjust it to make the best use of the system.

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