3 Humane Methods Of Mice Control For Your Home

Posted on: 25 March 2022

Mice are living creatures, so even though they are annoying pests, some homeowners don't want to kill them—but they do want them gone! If rodents are making your home theirs and leaving little droppings everywhere, how do you get rid of them without harming or killing them?

Humane methods exist to get rid of mice and keep them out of your home. Read on for some tips on how to do so.

Make Your Home Rodent Proof

The best way to prevent mice infestations is by making your home inhospitable to these creatures. Mice come inside the home looking for food and shelter. Don't provide it!

Here's what you can do.

  • Don't leave scraps or crumbs out overnight
  • Put dog food in containers, so mice won't eat it
  • Seal off entry points for mice
  • Make sure your trash is covered and not accessible to mice
  • Remove clutter like old newspapers and magazines that mice use as nesting material

Taking these steps keeps mice out of your home. Even after getting rid of mice, inspect your home regularly for openings where mice might squeeze through.

Use Live Traps To Catch And Release

Live traps catch the mice and don't harm or kill them. Like traditional mouse traps, live traps use bait to lure the rodent inside.

Once inside, a metal door closes behind the mouse and keeps it inside until you are ready to release it. You can release the mouse in the wild, but make sure to take it far away from your home.

Choose Natural Deterrents

Instead of using poisons, you can use smells to keep mice out of your home. Some natural alternatives include peppermint oil and cloves.

Peppermint is a nice smell for people, but mice hate it. The menthol in peppermint irritates the rodents' nasal cavities. So, getting a whiff of peppermint is not pleasant for them.

Cloves have a spicy, strong smell that mice hate. You can wrap cloves in cloth pieces and set them around the home. You can also soak cotton balls in clove oil or peppermint oil and place them around the home to keep the mice away.

If you see one mouse in the house, there are more. Mice breed rapidly and a few mice can quickly turn into an infestation, so it's best to take action right away. If you need help with mice control, you can call a pest extermination company to help you plan your course of action, and do so humanely.