Updating Your Landscaping? 2 Ways To Use Gravel Rocks

Posted on: 11 January 2022

If you are updating your landscaping, you have many options to choose from. One thing to consider is using gravel rocks for landscaping. Below are two ways you can use this to make your landscaping much more beautiful. 

Use As Edging for Flower Gardens

If you have flower gardens as part of your landscaping, you should consider using gravel rocks as an edging for the gardens. An edging is beneficial, as it prevents weeds and grass from getting into the garden. Edging also makes the flower gardens look much more appealing. When it comes to gravel rocks, you have a variety to choose from in terms of sizes, shapes, and colors. This way you can make an interesting edging. For an edging, it is best to use larger gravel pieces, as small pea gravel can easily be blown away or become displaced in other ways. 

First, dig a trench around the flower garden and then lay landscaping fabric into the trench. Put the gravel rock over the landscaping fabric. The fabric is important as this prevents the gravel rocks from sinking into the soil. Put down enough gravel rock so that you end up with about three to four inches of edging around the perimeter of the flower garden. 

Use for Walkways and Paths

It is easy to create a walkway or a path using gravel stones. You could put a walkway that leads to a patio or your front porch and a path that leads to a flower garden or another feature. To do this, use a shovel to dig out a path, concentrating on the shape you want it to be. After this, make a trench in the path and add crushed gravel. Spray the gravel lightly with water using a watering can or a garden hose then use a hand tamper to pound the gravel. This will keep the crushed gravel in place and dampening prevents dust.

Lay down landscaping fabric over the gravel and install the edging. The edging could be concrete, brick, or an inexpensive metal edging that is pushed into the soil. After this, Fill the path with the gravel rocks you want to use. When it comes to gravel rocks, choose a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to make the path or walkway interesting and unique. 

Talk with a landscape contractor if you need help with any of this. They can also tell you of many more ways you can use gravel rocks as part of your landscaping.