Tips For Buying Your First Tropical Aquarium Fish

Posted on: 13 May 2021

If you've just set up a new aquarium and you're anxious to start adding fish, it's important to find an aquarium fish shop with knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right fish to get started. Introducing fish to a new aquarium can be tricky, so you want to go slow and allow fish to adapt before adding more. Here are some tips for buying tropical aquarium fish.

Understand Their Behaviors

Some fish are aggressive. While they might be pretty to watch, they can kill other fish and be a nuisance. When you're starting out, it's good to buy fish that are sociable and not prone to fighting. For instance, betta fish get along with most fish except other male betta fish. Two males will fight to the death, so you only want to buy one.

Some fish are unpredictable. Angelfish are usually mild-mannered, but they can become aggressive at times. Mollies and neons are easygoing and good choices for beginners.

Watch The Price

Some tropical aquarium fish are pricey. It's probably not a good idea to start out with expensive fish since the risk is high your starter fish won't make it. You may want to save the larger or more exotic fish for when you're more experienced at maintaining an aquarium. Fortunately, the easiest fish for beginners to keep alive are also the most affordable fish.

Give Your Fish Space

You'll want to add new fish slowly and allow time for bacteria to build and for the tank to settle before filling it with fish. Even when your tank is established, you have to be careful about buying too many fish because each fish need its space. If you want to own several fish because you love the variety, then consider multiple aquariums so your fish have all the space they need.

Choose Healthy Fish

When looking at tropical aquarium fish, try to find the healthiest specimens to bring home. The fish should seem active and not have problems with balance or their skin. There's always a risk of bringing a disease home to your other fish, so it's important to pick fish that appear healthy. Rather than asking for a couple of guppies, point out the exact guppies you want so you can choose the fish that look healthy and have the markings you like.

Once you pick out your fish, go straight home with them since the fish won't last long in a plastic carrying bag. Stabilize the bag so it won't slosh around on the drive home and keep the fish in climate control as much as possible until you acclimate them to the water in their new home. For more information, contact a company that provides options like tropical aquarium fish.