Natural Methods To Keep Leaf-Biting Bugs From Grubbing Your Garden Greens

Posted on: 25 March 2016

If you are attempting to grow vegetables in a garden in your yard, you undoubtedly wish to keep pests away so you can enjoy the end product after your plants are harvested. There are several insects that enjoy feasting upon the leaves on vegetables. If you fail to take steps in deterring or eliminating these insects, you may be left with damaged goods as a result. Applying pesticides may be release toxins into the soil, possibly harming your vegetables in addition to insects. To avoid this scenario, try some of the following natural methods in removing leaf eating insects from your garden.

Add A Barrier To Keep Insects Away

When planting carrot seeds, dig a hole and place a toilet paper roll vertically in the soil before dropping a seed into the middle portion. This will act as a barrier, keeping harmful cutworms from eating the vegetable before it is full-grown. Another barrier method is by placing screens around sections of the garden. Look for a small-holed chicken wire to enclose leafy greens so crawling insect predators do not get near them.

Use Companion Plants To Salvage Vegetables

Companion planting is the process of planting vegetation that repels insects among vegetables, which helps to reduce the number of pests in the area naturally. For example, add several peppermint and spearmint plants in between your planted vegetable seeds. Aphids,ants,and other insects will avoid these plants and will move on to other areas of your yard rather than stick around to see what is available to eat. 

Introduce Beneficial Insects

If you are aware of what types of insects you have present in your garden, releasing a beneficial insect that feasts upon the bad insects is an option to keep your vegetables intact. Ladybugs, praying mantis, and lacewings are just some of the insects that eat leaf-eating insects in a garden. Attract these insects by planting flowers near your vegetable garden, keeping the area moist so they have a water supply, and adding mulch so ground-dwellers can burrow. Another method is to purchase beneficial insects to release into your garden before you plant your seeds so they can become established beforehand.

Use An Insecticidal Soap

Consider using insecticidal soap to remove soft-bodied leaf-eaters from your garden. This soap can be purchased from a garden shop and works by eating away at the exoskeleton of some garden dwelling insects. They will die due to respiratory problems and dehydration. This soap will not harm beneficial insects. For more about this topic, contact a garden specialist in your area.