Giving Your Furniture A Facelift

Posted on: 24 March 2016

Rather than tossing furniture to the curb -- literally -- people are shopping their homes for old pieces that can be spruced up or scouring estate and yard sales for that piece that would be perfect for furniture refinishing. But the traditional method of furniture refinishing (such as is done by The Strip Joint) -- stripping and staining -- isn't the only way to give some furniture a face-lift. Read on for some creative ways to reuse that old furniture.

Look in Your Fridge

If you like the look of stained wood, but can't quite face the job of stripping that dried out and stained piece of furniture, pass the mayo! If you rub mayonnaise into an old piece of furniture, the oil from the condiment will moisturize the wood and bring back its shine. Instant upgrade!

Check Out Those Stems

Plenty of furniture companies sell furniture legs, and many pieces of furniture have legs that are screwed in. For a new look, unscrew the old legs and screw in the new ones. For an older piece of furniture that has legs attached in another way, visit a furniture repair shop and ask them to swap the old legs out for a more modern option.

Paint It

Paint that staid old piece of furniture a sunny color. You'll be amazed how much your grandmother's old sideboard adds to the room if it's painted a sunny yellow. Another option is to add chalkboard paint to your furniture. Imagine how much longer the kids will sit at the dinner table if you give them chalk and let them go to town on a table painted with chalkboard paint. Metallics, textured paint, stencils -- the options are only limited by your imagination and what's in stock at the hardware store.

Cover It

Maybe you love the shape of your furniture, but the wood is just beyond repair. There are still options for you! Consider a little DIY mosaic project. Cover the furniture with tiles or mirrors for a new look. Another fun option is to cover your furniture with paper. Use old newspapers or pretty craft paper in shade that you like. Glue the paper to your furniture in large sheets or as a collage and when it dries, coat it with a thin coat of glaze. Wallpaper or contact paper also work great with less mess. Fabric also is a beautiful covering for furniture. Nail it to the surfaces of your furniture with decorative nails and you'll bring more color or texture into your room in a gorgeous and unique way.