Want To Keep Your Landscape Healthy And Orderly? Get Landscape Rocks

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Turning the inside of your home or your property's landscape into something that you love is not always that easy, mainly because you have so many options to choose from. Even when you include the limitations provided by your plant hardiness zones, you have to narrow things down substantially. However, when it comes to making a tidy and healthy landscape, rocks are a perfect addition. Here are some things to know:

Control Growth Around Fencing Lines

When you have a fence that surrounds your property, you want to keep it in good condition throughout the year. However, plant growth can get in the way of keeping the fence primarily untouched. By adding landscape rocks, you can protect the fence and control what grows near the fencing. Putting fabric down before you put the rocks down will give you substantial protection against weeds. The fabric and rocks together will give you a place to grow individual plants evenly dispersed around the fence line.

No Need to Get Water on the Fence

Whether you put up the fence on your own or it was there when you bought the property, you should do what you can to maximize the fence's lifespan. Trying to fill in the space alongside the fence with groundcover plants will lead to inevitable watering, which is something you want to avoid near fencing. While some fences are designed to provide great protection against the elements, wood is not that well equipped. Getting such a fence wet on a daily basis can lead to premature water damage.

Discourage Dogs from the Area

In a home with dogs, you will likely want to keep your dogs away from the fence. Not only can some dogs find ways to climb or jump over, but they can also be intimidating to your neighbors. Landscape rocks may not entirely prevent them from getting close to the fence, but it will certainly dissuade them.

Enjoy Pest Protection

Not only will a fence and border of rocks prevent pests from getting attracted to your property, but you can actually use it as an opportunity to grow plants that keep bugs away. You can even get further use out of plants such as mint, rosemary, and lavender, which you can use in the kitchen or as a fragrance.

Landscape rocks are great because you can choose from so many shapes, colors, and sizes, but finding an ideal place to put them will drastically improve your landscape in a variety of ways.

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