Unlucky Clover? Learn How To Eliminate These Pesky Weeds For Good!

Posted on: 21 March 2016

If an overabundance of white clover is growing on your property and destroying the beauty of your lawn, learn how to remove it with the following tips. Once clover has been eliminated, keep your yard maintained to prevent new weed growth.

Smother Weeds And Eliminate Them By Hand

If weeds are covering large sections of your property, apply a layer of mulch over them. The mulch will prevent sunlight and oxygen from reaching each clover. Within a few days, the weeds will wilt. Use a rake to remove the mulch from the weeds. Use a weed digger to loosen the soil around each clover. Pull the weeds out of the ground by grasping each one with both hands and pulling upwards. Be sure to remove the entire root system with each weed.

Once all of the weeds have been eliminated, rake the ground to level out the barren areas. Sprinkle grass seed where needed and water it several times a week until new blades of grass begin growing.

Use Fertilizer To Improve Soil Conditions

Perennial weeds, such as white clover, often grow in soil that lacks nutrients. Have your soil tested by a professional company and purchase fertilizer from a landscaping company that contains the nutrients that the soil is lacking.

The increased nutrient content that is added to the soil will help preserve the beauty of your lawn and will help prevent new weed growth. Fertilizer will also help prevent other common weeds from growing, such as dandelions, thistles, and ground ivy. Follow the instructions that come with the fertilizer and add more when needed in the future.

Inspect Property And Cut Grass Regularly

Once new blades of grass have grown and your lawn is weed-free, it is important to keep the property maintained so that weeds do not become an issue again. Inspect your lawn throughout the year. If a few stray weeds are growing that weren't effectively eliminated by the fertilizer, remove them by hand. Weeds that have deep root systems are hardy and may continue to grow if the removal steps that were taken were insufficient.

Mow your lawn on a regular basis. This will not only keep your lawn looking great, but will also stop small weeds from growing larger if you previously did not see them while inspecting your property. Following these tips consistently throughout the year will provide your property with the best results. For more advice, check out sites like http://snydersweedcontrol.com/.