Three Reasons People Are Choosing LED Lights For Outdoor Lighting

Posted on: 19 March 2016

Adding lighting to your backyard can be a wonderful way to prepare for summer. You can make your patio, lawn, and garden area a wonderful place to entertain and enjoy throughout the warmer months of the year. As you know, lighting a home can be expensive, so that's why LED lights designed for external use are the worth the investment if you want to light up the yard. Here are three types of lighting you will want to consider if you really want to make the outside of your home dazzle this year: 

Add Style and Beauty to Your Deck or Patio with Dome Light Posts

The best place to start decorating your backyard with LED lighting is in the areas you will be spending the most time with family and guests. Whether you have a deck or patio or both, the most popular and practical LED outdoor lights are the copper and brass dome lights. These lights are popular because they are easy to install, coming with a stake mount that can easily be stuck in the ground near the area you want to light. They also come with a lifetime warranty and are waterproof, thanks to the fact metals like copper don't rust easily. With two or three of these six-foot posts around your deck, you'll have all the lighting you need to have a late-night barbecue with your favorite people.

Compliment Your Garden Path with Dimmer Lighting

For lighting around a garden path, LED lighting can be the best option for a couple of reasons. If you want to be able to take a romantic stroll in the evening in your own garden, you'll love the dimmer, less intense light that LED's emit. For people who want to have lighting built into a concrete, brick, or cobblestone path, it's better to have LED lighting because the lights last as much as 25 times as long as a regular bulb. Considering it's much more difficult to replace lights built into a walkway, it's worth buying LED lights to reduce the frequency of having the need to change lights outside.

Keep the Bugs Away with the Right Lights

One of the biggest issues with having a party outside or enjoying your backyard is dealing with bugs. One thing that often attracts moths, flies, and mosquitoes is bright incandescent lights. LED lights don't attract bugs the way traditional bulbs do. This means if you use only LED lights around your yard, you won't be bombarded with annoying bugs when you are trying to entertain friends. 

Most of the modern outdoor lighting is designed for LED lights, and you'll get the best styles of light fixtures and outdoor light posts if you plan on LED lighting (click here to find out more). You won't have to change your lights as much, and you'll save a bundle on your electric bill the next few years if you spend a little more on LED lights.