Living Room Furniture Replacements For Baby-Proofing

Posted on: 18 December 2014

Replacing items and furniture in your living room will be a must if there is a new baby on the way. You can decide whether to overhaul your entire living room, or make some minor adjustments that can be changed back once your baby is older. Either way, some necessary changes to your living room furniture will be in order. Here are four living room items you might need to replace before your baby starts to crawl and walk.

1. Light Colored Couches

Replacing light or white colored couches is a must for baby proofing. Darker upholstery will hide spills and will make your furniture baby-friendly, rather than something that is off-limits. This can be temporary with a slipcover, or you can choose a more permanent option like an upgrade to a big cozy couch that will stand the test of time with darker, sturdy upholstery.

2. Wooden and Glass Coffee Tables

Your living room will need to be a den of softness for babies learning how to walk. Coffee tables with sharp corners or breakable surfaces will need to be put in storage. The good thing is that ottomans can serve as makeshift coffee tables. With smaller trays atop, ottomans can be a sturdy tabletop for belongings, without dangerous sharp edges.

3. Glass and China

Replacing glassware and china items with more durable decor will keep your living room together and your baby safe. Lights, end tables and decor should all be either put out of reach, or replaced with safer alternatives. Source fun, plastic or rice paper decorations and lights for areas that your baby will be able to access. Before you know it, your baby will be able to get to investigating table tops, pulling themselves up on shelves, and moving end tables. Getting ahead of the game with safe items that you actually enjoy is important.

4. Accent and Rocking Chairs

Replace accent and rocking chairs with softer alternatives such as plush chairs or loveseats. Rocking chairs, or chairs with wooden legs are just asking to pinch curious fingers and toes. A soft, comfy chair or couch to crawl around and not get underfoot of is a great solution. Again, darker upholstery is a must.

Once your living room is the cozy environment that your baby needs to explore safely, you can relax and enjoy your baby as well as your living room. While these alternatives can be temporary, you might find that some cozy replacements will find themselves staying in your home for the long run.